Moran Property Styling

Moran Property Styling is the brainchild of James and Stacey Moran, from James Moran Furniture. Moran Property Styling provides a complete home rejuvenation service when you want to present your property for sale or other styling needs. The calibre of quality you’d expect from James Moran Furniture is reflected through the rental services of Property Styling.

What Makes Moran Property Styling Different?
Moran Property Styling offers excellence in furniture, accessories, artwork and interior design.

James Moran has a family name that is synonymous with leading furniture design and manufacturing in Australia. James worked at Moran Furniture for 30 years, learning and developing the quality and craftsmanship that comes with his heritage. Moran Furniture supplied Myer, David Jones, Andersons and Guests Furniture for decades, and their reputation is highly regarded as the best locally made furniture in Australia. James progressed to build his own company in James Moran Furniture to continue the family legacy. And now Property Styling is the natural next step in bringing beautiful furniture and interior design to homes that deserve to be displayed at their best for a marketing campaign, magazine shoot or for film.

Property Styling

Property Styling

Our interior designers and stylists have years of experience observing global trends in design, lifestyle function and architectural landscape, and we believe the quality of your property needs the highest calibre interior to celebrate its best assets. We collaborate with leading art galleries to get the finest artworks to enhance your property, and have a team of skilled trades who bring your property maintenance up to its best for sale. All this, ensures you can secure a timely sale and a maximum sale price.

Our furniture is of the highest quality, from vintage pieces and traditional settings to the latest in contemporary design. We carefully select our furniture, artwork and accessories to best create a ‘home’ rather than a scenario that looks staged. We pride ourselves on the finer details to make your property feel comfortable, inviting and luxurious, to allow prospective purchasers fall in love with your property and increase their potential purchase price.

At Moran Property Styling, we help you through the whole process. We can take your humble home, provide maintenance, painters and even help refurbish kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, decks and other areas around the home. We help with the daunting task of decluttering by removing your items and placing them in storage. Once we have a clean palette, we then introduce the sumptuous furnishings that beautify your property with seasonal tones and accent items to both your home and garden. We can also work with your own furniture, and enhance it with fresh linens, soft furnishings, statement artwork and tailored pieces. We work with lighting, colour, layout and flow to seamlessly create a place where buyers can actually see themselves living their day to day lives.

Moran Property Styling works with real estate agents, property owners, property developers, display home builders and film/TV producers. With a family business that has been in the furniture and styling industry since 1950, Moran Property Styling’s reputation is held with great esteem, and we are recognized as one of the leaders in transforming luxury, boutique and top-end residences and apartments throughout Melbourne. Our quality and affiliation with Moran Furniture as well as the sales results owners reach when selling their properties, speak for themselves.

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